To Preparation WordPress wp-api,  you have three setup steps.


Grab the latest version of JSON REST API on WordPress plugin directory. Install and activate it.


There are three ways you can authenticate.

Using the cookies

This is one method not widely used when working with APIs. When a user navigates on the web, pages tend to store data on users side. The cookie method here is a bit different by using the nonces method.


This plugin implements the version 1.0a of OAuth. This method is widely used. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr use OAuth for third party authentication.

Basic Authentication

Using this method you have to send your username and password each time you make a request. Client tools for REST testing usually have this method implemented themselves. This method is mainly used when developing. Is rarely used on production. On production consider using OAuth.

the Basic Authentication plugin only on it’s GitHub repository.

git clone basicAuth


Change the permalink configuration to any other that not default.